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Unicorn Head Cookie Cutter

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Enchant everyone at your kid's birthday party with beautiful and detailed cookies, thanks to Flycalf's unicorn head cookie cutter. 

If there's one thing kids love more than cookies - it's cookies with beautiful shapes. You don't have to work on your knife skills with the cookie cutter to create detailed pieces of food art anymore. All you have to do is press your cookie cutter into the dough, and out will come to a perfect unicorn head shape (complete with the face details!). So give your kids a piece of wonderland at their party!

Size: 2.5", 3", 3.5 ", 4 ", 5 ".

Color: White.

Material: Food Safe PLA!

Technique: 3D Printing.

Shapes: Heart Lock, Rainbow Cloud, Sweety Dress, Heart Key, Fairy House, Smiling Flower.


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