Our Sotry

Amy is the founder of Flycalf, who happens to love baking, and a mother of three beautiful children. After coming home from work, together with her kids, they often made icing cookies of various colors, shapes, and designs, which they would always enjoy doing. Since her kids were too young, and they were not good at cutting out cookie shapes. Amy used to spend a lot of time cutting off her cookies.

When it came to decorating cookies, the frosting was often applied unevenly, which looked like a mess. And while Amy enjoyed the time together with her children, she was already thinking of how she could make things better and more manageable.

One of the children joined the 3D printing club, and one day he needed to print 3D molds. Amy was instructing him on the side. Suddenly she got an idea. Amy thought that she could also design her cookie cutters and print them using a 3D printer. She can create her cookie cutters with clear outlines and stamps with line works to make it very convenient for children to cut out and decorate cookies. Amy, with strong determination, did what she thought and immediately designed her first 3D cookie cutter. And using her first cookie cutter, she made special cut out cookies with her kids. Both she and the kids’ baking time was never the same, it was much more fun, easy, and the treats they made looked lovely.

This happy baking experience gave Amy a lot of inspiration, and she wanted other people to experience that kind of easy, time-efficient baking and designing as she did. So she created Flycalf so that other people can make delicious and beautifully designed cookies in a hassle-free way. No fuss, no muss, and no mess, just perfect cookies for any occasion!

Like, these Wedding cookie cutters, which are perfect for making souvenirs for your special day.

Or these Baby shower cookie cutters to celebrate the arrival of your baby.

How about these Pirate or Princess cookie cutters for themed birthday parties?

We have many cookie cutters that would be perfect for any kind of celebration, party, social gatherings, or reunions. They are great for practicing the art of cookie baking and designing that will ensure to impress anyone who lays their eyes on them. You don’t need to be an artist to make the best looking treats.


Baking cookies is not limited to just children and parents, and anyone can enjoy it can be enjoyed by anyone! We hope our cookie cutters with various themes can make your baking simpler and make every family gathering, party with friends, baby shower, wedding, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and other occasions celebrated in a special way. They will create beautiful memories with your loved ones. We are fortunate to be a part of your life and to witness your time of happiness. So go ahead and check out our comprehensive selection of cutters and pick the ones that fits your taste.